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Free CCW class for public teachers and staff

3-22-18 at 5:30pm (3hour class)

Participants will need a firearm and 20 rounds of ammo. Although the course is free, the range we use will be a super discounted rate of $3.00 per person.

Course to be held at:

Bible Baptist Church
401 U.S. Hwy 92 West
Seffner, Florida 33584

Limited to 10 per class and I suspect it will fill fast. To reserve your spot email Phil at pbp16@mindspring.com subject line: CCW class and include your name and phone number in the email.

The Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Course is designed to prepare and provide participants with everything they’ll need to qualify, and apply for the States CWFL license requirements.

Regardless of your skill or experience level prior to attending this course, you’ll leave with a better understanding of firearms and their use. You will also gain a sense of competency in handling your own firearm. Although not an attorney, we will discuss laws and regulations governing concealed carry.

This course covers:

* SAFETY first
* Hands-on safety training
* Safe Gun Handling
* Firearm parts and their operation
* Ammunition components and its function
* Firearm handling and shooting safety
* Shooting fundamentals and basic on how to develop them on the range
* Grip
* Stance
* Trigger Control
* Breath Control
* Sight Alignment
* Sight Picture
* Follow Through

Once you've completed this class. I would recommend continuing education and practice. I offer a Weapons handling and tactics class on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Contact for further info.