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Where people are treated like a family, not like a client.


Teaching in the Brandon area for over 26 years.

  • Family atmosphere

  • Professional instruction

  • Disciplined yet fun classes for children

  • Adult classes

  • Three arts available: Taekwondo, Practical Hapkido and Torite Jutsu

  • No contracts, No enrollment fees and No surprise rate increases




Come see what we can do for you.


At U.S. Taekwondo we have a wide variety of programs for you to choose from.  Adult Hapkido classes that are geared towards today's society and reality based.   Taekwondo classes for mixed ages and skill levels.  Advanced Taekwondo classes for our green belts and above.  A black Belt class and a adult advanced Black Belt class (by invitation only). A After School Program where they the kids really have a good time and learn valuable life skills and self control plus their Taekwondo training.  During the summer, we have a great Summer Camp for the kids and it operates from 7:30am to 6pm and is mixed with field trips, fun and education. If you are primarily looking for evening classes See our Schedule for class times. Plus keeping kids safe with our Kid-Safe Abduction Prevention


Much like the self defense skills that we teach, our pricing is simple and straight forward. Monthly tuition is only $125.00 per month for the first family member, $99.00 per month for the second family member and each additional immediate family member is only $75.00 (must live in same household) NO CONTRACTS, UNLIMITED CLASSES AND NO ENROLLMENT FEES now that's simple.  You can train in either Taekwondo or Practical Hapkido or if you dare, both arts with no additional cost.  All monthly tuition's are paid via EFT electronic payment and with no contracts you can stop anytime, but I think you'll stay with it once you see the benefits of training in a martial art. Uniform cost is $40.00 and there will be testing fees when testing for your next belt. For our after school or summer camp programs please call the school and speak with Phil Peplinski