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At U.S. Taekwondo-Hapkido Martial Arts Center we teach Practical Hapkido with the mindset of the street and applications for today's society in America, which includes modern weaponry. Hapkido is a wonderful art that allows you to apply what ever level of force is necessary to deal with the situation. We also cover issues that could arise from a legal and liability perspective. We just try to make you aware of the various situations you could face before, during and after a self defense situation. I do not teach Practical Hapkido to children, I do not believe that children have the maturity to know when and when not to use the devastating techniques of Hapkido.



Grand Master Ji, Han Jae

I have put this picture here not to mislead you to believe that we are students of Ji Han Jae. But to highlight and show respect for the man that has done more for Hapkido than any other. Grand Master Ji Han Jae and Master Rick Nabors just showed up at our school one night. Out of the kindness of their heart and in the essence of true Martial Spirit. Grand Master Ji proceeded to give us a history lesson and spent 2 hours teaching us philosophy and technique. My students and I still talk about that night. We are eternally grateful to Grand Master Ji Han Jae and Master Rick Nabors for spending time with us. Your kindness is an example that all should follow. 


Hapkido is a Korean martial art. Hapkido is a total martial art, combining the locking and breaking aspects of Aikido, the throwing aspects of Judo, the striking aspects of Karate, and the footwork and kicks of Tae Kwon Do. It is an amazing skill which unlocks the hidden powers of strength and confidence in even the smallest person - young or old, male or female. Hapkido is an effective defense.


YYour best bet is to come in and try a couple of  free classes. This way you will be able to meet the instructors and fellow students and get a first hand look at what we have to offer. Then you will see that you CAN do this. Class Schedule

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