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Meridians are classified according to Yin and Yang and where they are located. Yang meridians run along the outer surface of the arms, legs and over the back. Yang meridians link to lower digestive organs. Yin meridians run along the inner surface of arms, legs and the front of the body. Yin meridians link to upper organs.


The following tables show some general meridian information.


Meridian Element Number of points Yin/Yang Coupled With At What Points
Stomach Earth 45 Yang Spleen ST-40  SP-3
Spleen Earth 21 Yin Stomach SP-4  ST42
Lung Metal 11 Yin Large Intestine L-7  LI-14
Large Intestine Metal 20 Yang Lung LI-6  L-9
Liver Wood 14 Yin Gall Bladder LV-5  GB-40
Gall Bladder Wood 44 Yang Liver GB-37  LV-3
Kidney Water 27 Yin Bladder K-4  B-64
Bladder Water 67 Yang Kidney B-58  K-3
Pericardium Fire 9 Yin Triple Warmer P-6  TW-4
Triple Warmer Fire 23 Yang Pericardium ST-15  P-7
Heart Fire 9 Yin Small Intestine H-5  SI-14
Small Intestine Fire 19 Yang Heart SI-14  H-7


Meridian Entry Point Exit Point Source Point Sedation Point Tonification Alarm Point Associated
Stomach ST-1 ST-42 ST-42 ST-45 ST-41 CV-12 B-21
Spleen SP-1 SP-21 SP-3 SP-5 SP-2 LV-13 B-20
Lung L-1 L-7 L-9 L-5 L-5 L-1 B-13
Large Intestine LI-14 LI-20 LI-4 LI-2 LI-11 ST-25 B-25
Liver LV-1 LV-14 LV-3 LV-2 LV-8 LV-14 B-18
Gall Bladder GB-1 GB-41 GB-40 GB-38 GB-43 GB-24 B-19
Kidney K-1 K-22 K-3 K-1 K-7 GB-25 B-23
Bladder B-1 B-67 B-64 B-65 B-67 CV-3 B-28
Pericardium P-1 P-8 P-7 P-7 P-9 CV-17 B-14
Triple Warmer TW-1 TW-23 TW-4 TW-10 TW-3 CV-5 B-22
Heart H-1 H-9 H-7 H-7 H-9 CV-14 B-15
Small Intestine SI-1 SI-19 SI-4 SI-8 SI-3 CV-4 B-27