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What is CHi or Qi ?


The word itself is almost untranslatable. Since there are as many explanations as there are definitions, I will give you mine. Which is based on not only a tremendous amount of reading but also some first hand experience.  I have been Knocked out by people using Chi disruption techniques or pressure point applications. ( Yes I did it voluntarily .... ) And I have knocked out others using this information with great success.


I believe that Chi is an Electro chemical reaction in our bodies. This reaction occurs weather we are aware of it or not. Much like our breathing, it runs throughout the day without any conscious thought. But much like breathing, it can be controlled. For instance, you can hold your breath, or you can increase your breathing rate. However your control over this bodily function must stay within its natural limitations. Hold your breath to long and you pass out. Breathe to fast for too long and you pass out. Chi can be controlled in a similar manor. You can increase it or reduce it in certain areas, but it will not exceed its natural perimeters. Before you can control it, you must be aware of it and learn to feel it. This in itself will take time. You will have to be patient and don't give up. I know that sounds like some old saying, and it is, but that's just the way it is.

If Chi is not a controllable Electro chemical reaction in our body, then what is it, and prove it.