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Pressure Point Seminar 2003

With Grandmaster

Rick Moneymaker


The 2003 Pressure Point Seminar was no disappointment to those that attended. As in past years Grandmaster Moneymaker continuously amazed us with his knowledge of combative skills and pressure point applications. That coupled with his past and present real world experience makes seminars like this a must for the serious martial artist. For those that attended, it should be no surprise to you as to why I would align myself and this school with the Dragon Society International and Rick Moneymaker. Their knowledge base, integrity and desire to share all information is unsurpassed. I only hope that in the future we will be able to contribute to the growth and spreading of this information.

Thank you to everyone that attended. I know your head is spinning with information, but don't let that bother you. We will all learn this in our own time. It will come to you. Remember, less talking and more training and it will come to you faster.

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