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Totite Jutsu

Seminar 2005

This year's seminar was an outstanding success with people coming from all over to come train. This year we brought in Thomas Muncy 10th Dan. The President of Dragon Society International. Which was very enjoyable. We finally got to meet the man we had heard so much about from Rick Moneymaker. Everything G.M. Moneymaker said about him was true. He is a very talented martial artist that is willing to share all of his knowledge and wisdom freely. Meeting him for the first time allowed me to see that Yin/Yang is alive and well within DSI. G.M. Muncy and G.M. Moneymaker are two completely different individuals. Which in my opinion really adds to the whole learning experience. Something G.M. Muncy said to me at one point. "you don't go through college with just one professor, do you?" Of course not. Its the different perspectives that can give you a greater understanding of what you are learning. Which is what was accomplished with myself and my students. We gained a greater understanding of Torite Jutsu.

Also congratulations are in order. Erwin Hayward, Ryan Humphrey and Myself achieved our 2nd Dan in Torite, and Melvin Miller achieved his 1st Dan.

Thank You; for making me look so good. I often say that I am but a catalyst, its the students that disserve the credit.

Master Phil Peplinski


Enjoy the pictures and I hope to see you there next year. Feel free to copy the pictures for your own keepsakes.

This image is full size, so you may have a high quality prints made.

This image is full size, so you may have a high quality prints made.