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Totite Jutsu

Seminar 2004

This year's seminar was an extra special one. After 4 years of study and practice myself and 3 students tested and passed for our First Dan in Torite under the Dragon Society International. The really great part is that we did it together as fellow martial artists and learned more than we had bargained for. There will also be an additional 4 students testing in the next couple months. Once that is accomplished, Grand Master Moneymaker told me that we would have the most certified Torite Black belts in one school in the country. I am very proud of my students performance at the testing. G.M. Moneymaker does not hand out compliments without merit and at this testing he gave us quite a few of them and said " I'm impressed ". It was apparent that we had put a great deal of time and effort into the testing curriculum and he said that we had displayed the best foot work control he had seen at a testing.

Thank You; for making me look so good. I often say that I am but a catalyst, its the students that disserve the credit.

Master Phil Peplinski




Ryan Humphrey, Scott Cannella, Phil Peplinski, Erwin Hayward

Enjoy the pictures and I hope to see you there next year. Feel free to copy the pictures for your own keepsakes.

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