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It all started when Erwin Hayward had this idea to get some people together to clean up and renew the Dojang. Not long after that Harvey Cribbs got involved and the family started to join together on a mission. A mission with such energy that nothing could stand in its way.

What this group of people demonstrated was the pride they have in their school, in themselves and in their training. Not unlike many of the stories from some of the great Grandmasters of the past. These students are involved with the school that goes far beyond a leisurely activity. The Martial Spirit that many seek is already residing in these students.

As I watched this event unfold and become reality, I couldn't help but to thank God for the beautiful people I have been surrounded by. My only hope is that I can someday repay what so many have given of themselves unselfishly. From the bottom of my heart, I thank You.

Phil Peplinski

during11.jpg (64999 bytes)

Back row, left to right Nell Parrish, Chris Ramirez, Patricia Reagan, Erwin Hayward, Lindsay Hayward, Nora Bauer, Lana Bryant. Front row Harvey Cribbs, Mike Terry, Chris Terry, Mia and Dax Galvan.


The first column is before, the second is during and the third is after.

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