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group.JPG (31805 bytes)      scrubjay.JPG (50019 bytes)

Black Belt camp 2002 was a great success. Getting to know each other a little better and gaining a greater understanding of the world around us. One of the missions of this years camp was to see and understand the relationship of Knowledge, Power and Harmony in the world around us. They were also challenged to look for the earth's natural Yin Yang relationship that surrounds us at all times. The above group photo was taken on a railroad trellis that is about 25 feet off the ground, and at night it makes for some interesting hiking. On the left is a Florida Scrub Jay. As you can see, with good karma, a little patience and some food they are willing to spend time with you.

chris.JPG (75809 bytes)      william.JPG (50323 bytes)

Left, Chris Ramirez catches a black racer. Right, William Jahns chews on some food, which it seems he didn't stop doing the entire weekend.

checkers.JPG (40329 bytes)      chris_nicole.JPG (61521 bytes)

Left, the great checkers playoffs, Dean White beat everyone except Chris Terry. He sure didn't like that. Right Chris Terry seems unaware of the football about to smack him on the chin.

chris_boat.JPG (63263 bytes)      chris_sundown.JPG (22871 bytes)

Right, Chris Ramirez brought his boat down with him, as you can see in the photo the boat has a little problem. Right, looks beautiful doesn't it.

pat_dean.JPG (33581 bytes)      terry.JPG (34331 bytes)

Left, Patrick Brown and Dean White prepare to catch the big one. Right, Mike Terry and his son Chris try to do the same. Unfortunately nobody caught the big one, however we did enjoy some Mangrove Snapper on evening.

caterpillar.JPG (41452 bytes)      squirle.JPG (69969 bytes)

Wildlife was abundant, you had to watch your step around these caterpillars and you had to watch you food around the squirrels. In fact I have seen squirrels unzip a zipper and chew holes in a tent to get your food. Right William?

phil_tina.JPG (42475 bytes)      camp.JPG (66396 bytes)

It was such a beautiful and relaxing place that we all hated to leave, but we will be back next year. Maybe you can join us next time.