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Black Belt Camp 2001

This years camp was great. Hiking, fishing, getting to know each other better and

just plain relaxing. Thank you to all that helped during this camp, your efforts helped

make this a success. I look forward to next years camp and wonder what new

adventures we will experience next year.

camp01.jpg (119878 bytes)                      camp04.jpg (94990 bytes)                     camp05.jpg (98155 bytes)

       Base camp.                Nothing like music in the woods.       Great camp sites.

camp06.jpg (102747 bytes)                     camp07.jpg (104143 bytes)                     camp10.jpg (104295 bytes)

We had a great time.           Mr. brown with David Muzio.             Lets explore.     

camp11.jpg (72788 bytes)                     camp22.jpg (83862 bytes)                     camp25.jpg (47495 bytes)

Kids + fishing = Fun.           Leave out food and I will find it.           Ahh, this is the life.

camp26.jpg (56369 bytes)                     camp27.jpg (73778 bytes)                     camp28.jpg (113051 bytes)

North Jetty, Venice, Fl.              Lounging after a hike.                  Erwins whittlers....

camp29.jpg (96064 bytes)                     camp35.jpg (100178 bytes)                     camp36.jpg (89656 bytes)

      Lets eat.                     A Florida Gopher tortoise                      The lost boys.

camp37.jpg (65883 bytes)                     camp38.jpg (71046 bytes)                     camp39.jpg (46475 bytes)

            The fish was tasty.                     Late night BBQ.       Camping does have its challenges.

camp41.jpg (71325 bytes)                     camp42.jpg (53266 bytes)                     camp43.jpg (85626 bytes)

              Very relaxing evening.    This guy sleeps through anything.   Cooking William's socks, yummy.

camp44.jpg (50701 bytes)                     camp46.jpg (107164 bytes)                     camp48.jpg (86923 bytes)

                  I play the violin.               Beautiful areas to explore.     Dubbed the inspector, visited daily.

camp50.jpg (113352 bytes)                     camp52.jpg (73890 bytes)                     camp55.jpg (69100 bytes)

                Chris says.                Dean with a Scrub Jay, Cool...      We are back and loved it.

                        Don't leave trash on the beaches.