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Black Belt Testing

Sept. 2003

Testing is a time of great stress and anxiety. This testing was no different. With the challenges set before them the students really stepped up. They met the challenges head on with perseverance, sweat and indomitable spirit. It is always rewarding to watch my students accomplish their goals and sometimes even exceed them. I am very proud of all the students that tested. Your hard work and dedication really showed. You are the backbone of U.S. Taekwondo Hapkido Martial Art Center.


So you may better understand, lets look at some of the requirements for Black Belt testing. Break down an entire form (kata) into its street applications. Including pressure point targets along with an explanation as to the system that governs those points. Break 4 boards in 4 seconds or less. Create and execute a creative break, using 3 boards together or separate, creativity being the key. Proficiency with specialty techniques. In this case it was 12 Torite Jitsu techniques and applications. Writing an essay or taking a written test. Plus Sparring, Forms, Self Defense, Hand Techniques, Foot techniques and combinations.

Special Thanks to Alan White, Chris Warner and Harvey Cribbs. It is these individuals that took the following pictures so that we may all enjoy them.

Pictures are in no particular order. Feel free to copy the pictures for your own keepsakes.

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