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If you did not have the opportunity to witness this Black Belt testing, you missed an incredibly powerful group.

The energy, the family atmosphere, the new and renewed friendships and let us not forget the sweat. Everyone really stepped up to the plate and gave it their all. I was very proud of this testing group. I wonder if future groups will be able match your performance. I would like to thank Mr. Frank Ehnle for hosting this testing and compliment him and his students for a fantastic testing.

Master Phil Peplinski



bb8-01-1.jpg (61046 bytes)                                                 bb8-01-10.jpg (67057 bytes)

Part of the experience is the unknown. When you face and challenge the unknown, you win.

bb8-01-11.jpg (98262 bytes)                                                 bb8-01-3.jpg (54704 bytes)

Another part is the physical and mental strain that a testing puts on you.

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Friends, and a sense of being a part of something that is really worth while.

bb8-01-9.jpg (191039 bytes)

Over coming adversity and experiencing humility will make you humble, but with pride.


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