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U.S. Taekwondo is not licensed to provide care for children who are ill.

Please keep your child at home if he or she has had a fever in the past 24 hours; a constant cough; vomiting, rash or recurrent diarrhea; or symptoms of a communicable disease like measles or chicken pox. We also ask that you keep your child home if he or she has symptoms such as wheezing, nasal discharge or sneezing severe enough to indicate your child should not participate in a group child care setting.

You would want to know immediately if your child were to be exposed to a communicable disease. For that reason, please let us know right away if your child is exposed to or diagnosed with something communicable so we can alert other parents. If your child becomes ill while at U.S. Taekwondo we will contact you to pick up your child immediately.



Before U.S. Taekwondo staff can give prescription or non-prescription medication to your child, we must have written authorization from you. Authorization must be completed for each week a child needs the medicine.

If you do need to send medication to school, we require that prescription medication be in the original, pharmacy-labeled container with the child’s name, type of medication, side effects, date, amount and time of dosage. Hand it directly to the director or your child’s instructor. Please do not allow your child to bring medicine in a pocket and do not leave any medicine in a book bag. It’s a good idea to discuss your child’s dosage with your pediatrician: many times medication can be given in the morning or evening to avoid bringing it to the school. If it is at all possible to give any medication to your child before they arrive or after pick up... That would be best.




If your child has any allergy issues, please let us know. Talk to your child’s instructor about any allergies so we can take the right precautions.




While we take precautions to prevent childhood accidents, they are a normal part of growth and development as children begin testing their movements and limitations. We will contact you in the event your child suffers an injury at U.S. Taekwondo. For this reason, it is important to keep your phone numbers in our file updated.