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What can I say about the seminar. WOW! Which is what I've been hearing from my students and those that attended the seminar. Six Masters covering Hapkido, Weapons, Throws, Tenshin Aikido, Ju-Jutsu, Pressure points and Torite principals. All in one slam packed day. The following Masters presented information on this day. Master Frank Ehnle (also hosted the event) Master Pedro Rodriquez, Master Luis Santos, Master Philip Peplinski, Master Dan Pillar, Master Frankie Ehnle

It was truly a landmark seminar, with some coming from as far as California to train. Six Masters from different styles coming together to share information. The American Hapkido Federation's approach is to promote Reality Based Hapkido with the highest level of Martial Arts ethics and standards. While promoting brotherhood between different styles.

This will be an annual event, so be prepared not to miss the next one. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Master Phil Peplinski


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